Makishima, Akio & Nakamura, E. (2008) New preconcentration technique of Zr, Nb, Mo, Hf, Ta and W employing coprecipitation with Ti compounds: Its application to Lu-Hf system and sequential Pb-Sr-Nd-Sm separation, Geochemical Journal, 42, 199-206, doi:10.2343/geochemj.42.199. < 20200130142317-895299 > pub
Table 2. Lu–Hf analytical results for JB-3 and JP-1 < 20200130145441-095362 > pub
measured unit JB-3 powder JP-1
176Hf/177Hf a 0.283223 (1.4e-05) 0.282309 (2.6e-05)
[Hf] a ppm 2.674 (0.019) 0.116 (0.003)
[Lu] a ppm 0.3729 (0.0021) 0.00393 (0.00015)
Lu/Hf a 0.1395 0.0339
(a) determined by Hf isotopes_procedures of Lu et al. (2007) on MC-ICP-MS Finnigan, Neptune
name physical-form quantity unit global-id
JB-3 powder pub aliquot 1.56 g 20170620122529-773001
JP-1 pub powder 12.8 g 20190301111946-454924

The table is created from analysis shown below. The rowname Hf isotopes (Max, 2008) filters out analysis. Upper analysis has priority.To list more analysis, add a stone in stone sub-tab.

  • name
JB-3 powder JP-1