Akio Makishima & Eizo Nakamura (1997) Suppression of matrix effects in ICP-MS by high power operationof ICP: Application to precise determination of Rb, Sr, Y, Cs, Ba, REE, Pb, Th and U at ng g(-1) levels in milligram silicate samples, Geostandards Newsletter, 21, 307-319, doi:10.1111/j.1751-908X.1997.tb00678.x. < 20191007145555-553597 > pub
Table 7. Trace element concentrations (μg g -1 ) in Smithsonian reference Allende powder < 20191127102458-297472 > pub
measured unit Allende-12
[Rb] a µg/g 1.34
[Sr] a µg/g 14.2
[Y] a µg/g 3.14
[Cs] a µg/g 0.0847
[Ba] a µg/g 4.95
[Pb] a µg/g 1.69
[Th] a µg/g 0.0646
[U] a µg/g 0.0169
[La] a µg/g 0.465
[Ce] a µg/g 1.15
[Pr] a µg/g 0.179
[Nd] a µg/g 0.94
[Sm] a µg/g 0.31
[Eu] a µg/g 0.104
[Gd] a µg/g 0.459
[Tb] a µg/g 0.0713
[Dy] a µg/g 0.497
[Ho] a µg/g 0.106
[Er] a µg/g 0.286
[Tm] a µg/g 0.0558
[Yb] a µg/g 0.328
[Lu] a µg/g 0.0484
(a) determined by Q-ICP-MS_procedures of Makishima and Nakamura (1997, 1999, 2006) on ICPMS Yokogawa PMS2000
name physical-form quantity unit global-id
Allende-12 pub aliquot 0.51212 g 20071216135000.en

The table is created from analysis shown below. The rowname trace (Max et al., 1997) filters out analysis. Upper analysis has priority.To list more analysis, add a stone in stone sub-tab.

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