Makishima et al. (2007) Accurate determination of 234U/238U and 230Th/232Th for U-Th disequilibria studies by MC-ICP-MS with simple bracketing., Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 22, 1383-1389 , doi:10.1039/b706907c. < 20100403101828430.admin > pub
Table 4-5. Analytical results of 234U/238U, U concentration, 230Th/232Th and Th concentration in JB-2 by MC-ICP-MS < 20191023141425-777816 > pub
measured unit JB-2
234U/238U a 5.492e-05
[U] a µg/g 0.1524
230Th/232Th a 6.744e-06
[Th] a µg/g 0.2569
(a) determined by MC-ICPMS on ICPMS Thermo-Fisher Neptune
name physical-form quantity unit global-id
JB-2 pub powder 20130416090250-887738

The table is created from analysis shown below. The rowname U-series (Max et al., 2007) filters out analysis. Upper analysis has priority.To list more analysis, add a stone in stone sub-tab.

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