Kuritani et al. (2006) Accurate Isotopic and Concentration Analyses of Small Amounts of Pb Using Isotope Dilution Coupled with the Double Spike Technique, Geostandars and geoanalytical research, 30, 209-220, doi:10.1111/j.1751-908X.2006.tb01063.x. < 20100403101826354.admin > pub
Table 2. Results of the analyses of GSJ JP-1 < 20191021120047-331689 > pub
measured unit JP-1
206Pb/204Pb a 18.3469
207Pb/204Pb a 15.5555
208Pb/204Pb a 38.3146
[Pb] a µg/g 0.074
(a) determined by TIMS with isotope dilution on TIMS Thermo-Fisher MAT261
name physical-form quantity unit global-id
JP-1 pub powder 12.8 g 20190301111946-454924

The table is created from analysis shown below. The rowname lead JP-1 (Kuritani et al., 2006) filters out analysis. Upper analysis has priority.To list more analysis, add a stone in stone sub-tab.

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