name parent quantity quantity-unit ▼ physical-form classification group updated-at description
Sp myanmar blue 01 thumb sp-Myanmar-blue-01 pub grain mineral:spinel ref 2014-01-07 mineral
Enstatite x thumb ref-opx-TZ1001 pub grain mineral:pyroxene ref 2012-05-26 This mineral is formerly known as Enstatite X.
20YJ-134-Pl-9_mantle pub 20YJ-134-Pl pml 2020-05-11
20YJ-134-Pl-3_mantle pub 20YJ-134-Pl pml 2020-05-11
20YJ-134-Pl-5_mantle pub 20YJ-134-Pl pml 2020-05-11
20YJ-134-Pl-7_core pub 20YJ-134-Pl pml 2020-05-11
Tixhr635614054 thumb dbz-30 pub DBZ-30 pml 2017-10-23
ol-mw-sc pub aliquot pml 2020-07-16
20YJ-139-Pl pub 20YJ-139 pml 2020-01-23
20YJ-134-Pl-2_rim pub 20YJ-134-Pl pml 2020-05-11
20YJ-134-Pl-4_mantle pub 20YJ-134-Pl pml 2020-05-11
0903 12 thumb 0903-12 pub 0903-12 powder plutonic:ultramafic NE Japan 2014-03-06 This powder was made by Masaaki Tanimoto.
20YJ-134-Pl-6_core pub 20YJ-134-Pl pml 2020-05-11
20YJ-134-Pl-8_mantle pub 20YJ-134-Pl pml 2020-05-11
20YJ-132-Cpx-5 pub 20YJ-132-Cpx pml 2020-05-11
20yj 134 thumb 20YJ-134-Pl pub 20YJ-134 pml 2020-04-08
Tixhr603493501 thumb dbz-22 pub DBZ-22 pml 2017-10-23
Optical thumb ol-MW-sc5 pub on mount mineral:olivine ref 2020-06-09 Previous label was `SC D'. \abundance[\ppm]{Li} = 2.5 (Maruyama et al, 2009)
20YJ-134-Pl-10_rim pub 20YJ-134-Pl pml 2020-05-11
Fukang b thumb Fukang (b) pub Fukang aliquot meteorite:stonyiron meteorite 2012-12-26 Three pieces of Fukang (a, b and c) were purchased at in early 2007, and Their original weights are 20.3 g, 18.9 g and 16.5 g. Prices were $445.96, $447.96 and $399.96.
Fa1 thumb ref-ol-fa1 pub ref-ol-fa grain mineral:olivine ref 2020-05-01
20YJ-134-Pl-1_rim pub 20YJ-134-Pl pml 2020-05-11
Cp  sag30 thumb cpx-sag30 pub on mount mineral:pyroxene ref 2020-06-09 Clinopyroxenes are picked from xenolith (Malalite, Solomon) and mounted by A. Ishikawa.
Sp myanmar red 01 thumb sp-Myanmar-red-01 pub grain mineral:spinel ref 2014-01-07 mineral
Sp myanmar pink 01 thumb sp-Myanmar-pink-01 pub grain mineral:spinel ref 2014-01-07 mineral