Dar al Gani 521 < 20071205074652.en > pub
  • classification: chondrite:carbonaceous
  • physical-form: aliquot
  • status: unknown
  • description: A piece of CV3 Dar al Gani 521 was purchased at http://www.nyrockman.com/ in early 2007, and its original weight is 56.6 g. Price was $550.00.
  • modified at 2020-05-15

(a) ICPMS with isotope dilution and internal standardization on Q-ICPMS Agilent 7500cs
Quantity of Dar al Gani 521 is
(was unknown) and loss was 0.0 g after operation .
place quantity
name device global-id
Dal al Gani 521_S pub 1 ICPMS Thermo-Fisher Neptune 20191223154432-630185
Dar al Gani 521_Ge-As-Se-Te pub 13 on DaG 521 pub Q-ICPMS Agilent 7500cs 20191004113714-956836
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Makishima, Akio & Nakamura, Eizo (2012) High-resolution MC-ICPMS employing amplifers with a 10 12 ohm resistor for bulk sulfur determination in biological and geological samples, Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 27, 891-895, doi:10.1039/c2ja10337k. 20191223144532-884161
Akio Makishima & Eizo Nakamura (2009) Determination of Ge, As, Se and Te in Silicate Samples Using Isotope Dilution‐Internal Standardisation Octopole Reaction Cell ICP‐QMS by Normal Sample Nebulisation, Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research, 33, 369-384, doi:10.1111/j.1751-908X.2009.00014.x. 20191004104221-721601
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Dar al gani 521 thumb Dar-al-Gani-521.jpg pub 0 20081215211913539.tkunihiro