85071914_SrNd < 20190508113843-923293 > pub
  • physical-form: powder
  • status: unknown
  • modified at 2019-12-05

(a) XRF on XRF PANalytical PW2400
(b) Tritration with gravimetry on XRF PANalytical PW2400
Quantity of 85071914_SrNd is
(was unknown) and loss was 0.0 g after operation .
place quantity
name device global-id
85071914_Sr pub 4 TIMS Thermo-Fisher MAT261 20190507160048-308927
85071914 pub 5 TIMS Thermo-Fisher MAT261 20190507160105-832326
name global-id
name spots global-id