Olivenza (Table 21-major) average < 20190205125924-801690 > pub
  • status: unknown
  • modified at 2020-05-01

(a) XRF and LOI on XRF PANalytical PW2400
(b) Flame emission spectrometry on Shimadzu AA6200
(c) HR-ICPMS on ICPMS Thermo-Fisher Element XR
(d) EA-IRMS on Thermo Scientific MAT253
(e) IRMS with TCEA on SIRA Thermo-Fisher MAT253
(f) Ion chromatography on 761 COMPACT IC
(g) ICPMS (0) on ICPMS Yokogawa PMS2000/Agilent 7500cs
(h) TIMS on MAT 262
(i) MC-ICPMS on ICPMS Thermo-Fisher Neptune
(j) IRMS with LF on Thermo Scientific MAT253
Quantity of Olivenza (Table 21-major) average is
(was unknown) and loss was 0.0 g after operation .
place quantity
name device global-id
Olivenza average pub 9 XRF PANalytical PW2400 20190205124436-797869
Olivenza average pub 2 Shimadzu AA6200 20190205124803-913615
Olivenza average pub 1 ICPMS Thermo-Fisher Element XR 20190205124933-484785
name global-id
name spots global-id