locality of DHA-27 < 20160106101814-329563 > pub
  • country: Ethiopia
  • name: locality of DHA-27
  • latitude: N11°24′56.2″
  • longitude: E40°45′31.0″
  • description:
  • stone: DHA-27
  • modified at 2020-01-15
name physical-form quantity unit global-id
DHA-27 pub hand specimen 0.56 kg 20131226135059-408422
name distance (km) sample
locality of DHA-26 K pub N11°26′59.0″, E40°45′10.0″ 3.852 DHA-26 K
Afar pub N11°26′59.0″, E40°45′10.0″ 3.852 DHA-26
locality of DHA-28 pub N11°24′14.0″, E40°42′49.0″ 5.177 DHA-28
Afar pub N11°22′7.0″, E40°43′57.0″ 5.985 DHA-40
locality of DHA-40 K pub N11°22′7.0″, E40°43′57.0″ 5.985 DHA-40 K
locality of dha-29 K pub N11°25′20.0″, E40°40′34.0″ 9.213 dha-29 K
Afar pub N11°25′20.0″, E40°40′34.0″ 9.213 DHA-29
locality of dha-30 K pub N11°25′29.0″, E40°38′23.0″ 13.273 dha-30 K
Afar pub N11°25′29.0″, E40°38′23.0″ 13.273 DHA-30
locality of DHA-41 K pub N11°12′53.0″, E40°44′27.0″ 22.450 DHA-41 K
name spots global-id
name country feature distance (km)
Mīlē Ethiopia populated place 0.362
Arufta Ethiopia hill 1.835
Weranso Shet’ Ethiopia intermittent stream 8.168
Bekarē De’ār Shet’ Ethiopia intermittent stream 9.882
Addale Ethiopia hills 10.238
Bedena Shet’ Ethiopia stream 11.546
Wakī Shet’ Ethiopia intermittent stream 16.923
Sidia Coma Ethiopia hill 17.654
Mīlē Irsha Ethiopia estate(s) 19.167
Gēraru Shet’ Ethiopia intermittent stream 19.587