locality of IC-0313 < 20160105100210-868048 > pub
  • country: Iceland
  • name: locality of IC-0313
  • latitude: N64°0′3.9″
  • longitude: W19°53′8.8″
  • description:
  • stone: IC-0313
  • modified at 2018-05-17
name physical-form quantity unit global-id
IC-0313 pub aliquot 0.965 kg 20110701091732-367-938
name distance (km) sample
locality of IC-0312 pub N63°59′58.2″, W19°51′59.2″ 2.159 IC-0312
locality of IC-0301 pub N64°0′37.5″, W19°48′53.7″ 7.956 IC-0301
locality of IC-0302 pub N64°1′13.6″, W19°47′3.0″ 11.515 IC-0302
locality of IC-0309 pub N64°0′7.3″, W19°46′44.2″ 11.893 IC-0309
locality of IC-0308 pub N63°59′55.8″, W19°46′40.2″ 12.019 IC-0308
locality of IC-0306 pub N63°59′55.9″, W19°46′7.1″ 13.042 IC-0306
locality of IC-0307 pub N63°59′55.9″, W19°46′7.1″ 13.042 IC-0307
locality of IC-0303 pub N64°0′51.3″, W19°46′7.2″ 13.119 IC-0303
locality of IC-0305 pub N64°0′40.4″, W19°45′43.1″ 13.828 IC-0305
locality of IC-0304 pub N64°1′9.0″, W19°44′48.9″ 15.588 IC-0304
name spots global-id
name country feature distance (km)
Næfurholt Iceland ruin(s) 0.457
Næfurholt Iceland farm 2.332
Melfell Iceland hill 2.356
Merkihvoll Iceland ruin(s) 2.890
Selvatn Iceland lake 3.000
Ölduvað Iceland ford 3.118
Galtalækur Iceland farm 3.125
Tindgilsfell Iceland hill 3.392
Hafurshorn Iceland hill 3.487
Dýjavað Iceland ford 3.874