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binder of Origin of ocean island basalts in the West African passive margin without mantle plume involvement pub container admin pml 2019-07-19 2020-04-02 2019-06-07
binder of Circa 1 Ga sub-seafloor hydrothermal alteration imprinted on the Horoman peridotite massif by L.V.Ranaweera et al., 2018 pub container admin pml 2018-12-17 2020-04-02 2018-11-28
binder of Determination of abundances of 52 elements in natural waters by ICP-MS with freeze-drying pre-concentration by Q.D.Hoang et al. (2018) pub container admin pml 2018-12-11 2020-04-02 2018-11-01
binder of Post-collisional Magmatism of Western Chukotka and Early Cretaceous Tectonic Rearrangement in Northeastern Asia pub container admin pml 2020-01-06 2020-04-02 2019-12-18
binder of Silicate-SiO reaction in a protoplanetary disk recorded by oxygen isotopes in chondrules pub container admin 2020-03-25 2020-04-02 2020-03-25
binder of In–situ U–Pb zircon age dating deciphering the formation event of the omphacite growth over relict edenitic pargasite in omphacite–bearing jadeitite of the Itoigawa–Omi area of the Hida–Gaien belt, central Japan pub container admin pml 2020-03-26 2020-04-02 2019-12-18
binder of Petrologic and geochemical characterization of rift-related magmatism at the northernmost Main Ethiopian Rift: Implications for plume-lithosphere interaction and the evolution of rift mantle sources pub container admin ipm 2018-03-26 2020-04-02 2017-11-27
binder of Trace element and isotopic geochemistry of Cretaceous magmatism in NE Asia: Spatial zonation, temporal evolution, and tectonic controls by Tikhomirov et al., 2016 pub container admin pml 2018-11-08 2020-04-02 2018-10-30
binder of Comment on ``Diverse magmatic effects of subducting a hot slab in SW Japan: Results from forward modeling'' by J.-I. Kimura et al. pub container admin ipm 2018-05-30 2020-04-02 2016-02-12
binder of K-Ar analyses of the post-caldera lavas of Bratan volcano in Bali Island, Indonesia - Ar isotope mass fractionation to light isotope enrichment pub container admin ipm 2018-06-11 2020-04-02 2016-02-12
binder of Sediment-enriched adakitic magmas from the Daisen volcanic field, Southwest Japan pub container admin ipm 2018-09-25 2020-04-02 2016-02-12
binder of Evaluation of the applicatbility of acid leaching for the238U-230Th internal isochron method pub container admin pml 2020-03-30 2020-04-02 2019-07-02
binder of Cu Purification Using an Extraction Resin for Determination of Isotope Ratios by Multicollector ICP-MS pub container admin ref 2020-03-30 2020-04-02 2019-12-18
binder of Supervolcano eruptions driven by melt buoyancyin large silicic magma chambers pub container admin magma 2020-03-30 2020-04-02 2019-12-19
binder of Oxygen isotopes in Indian Plate eclogites (Kaghan Valley, Pakistan): Negative d18O values from a high latitude protolith reset by Himalayan metamorphism pub container admin Pakistan Himalaya 2020-03-31 2020-04-02 2020-01-17
binder of Software Dedicated for the Curation of Geochemical Data Sets in Analytical Laboratories pub container admin pml 2020-04-02 2020-04-02 2019-12-23
binder of Determination of 17O-excess of terrestrial silicate/oxide minerals with respect to Vienna Standard Mean Ocean Water (VSMOW) pub container admin pml 2020-04-02 2020-04-02 2019-12-20
binder of Ion microprobe U–Th–Pb geochronology and study of micro-inclusions in zircon from the Himalayan high- and ultrahigh-pressure eclogites, Kaghan Valley of Pakistan pub container admin Pakistan Himalaya 2020-04-01 2020-04-02 2020-01-17
binder of Low-blank chemistry for Zn stable isotope ratio determination using extraction chromatographic resin and double spike-multiple collector-ICP-MS pub container admin ref 2019-11-18 2020-04-02 2019-10-03
binder of A Simple and Fast Separation Method of Fe Employing Extraction Resin for Isotope Ratio Determination by Multicollector ICP-MS pub container admin ref 2019-11-18 2020-04-02 2019-10-03
binder of Space environment of an asteroid preserved on micrograins returned by the Hayabusa spacecraft by Nakamura et al., 2012 pub container admin pml 2018-12-28 2020-04-02 2018-12-18
binder of Simultaneous Determination of Cd, In, Tl and Bi by Isotope Dilution‐Internal Standardisation ICP‐QMS with Corrections Using Externally Measured MoO+/Mo+ Ratios pub container admin ref 2019-11-18 2020-04-02 2019-10-02
binder of Geochemical evolution of historical lavas from Askja Volcano, Iceland: Implications for mechanisms and timescales of magmatic differentiation pub container admin ipm 2019-06-27 2020-04-02 2016-02-08
binder of Chromium isotope systematic of achondrites: Chronology and isotopic heterogeneity of the inner solar system bodies pub container admin meteorite 2020-01-06 2020-04-02 2019-12-09
binder of Determination of fluorine and chlorine by pyrohydrolysis and ion chromatography: comparison with alkaline fusion and ion chromatography pub container admin pml 2019-06-24 2020-04-02 2019-05-15