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binder of Supervolcano eruptions driven by melt buoyancyin large silicic magma chambers pub container magma 2020-04-02
Afar-Dejene 4 pub container Ethiopia 2020-07-08
Afar-Dejene-3 pub container Ethiopia 2020-07-08
Miyake G pub container ipm 2020-12-25
Cameroon-8 (Belay, 2019) pub container Cameroon 2020-05-26
Miyake H pub container ipm 2020-12-25
Miyake I pub container ipm 2020-12-25
binder of New sequential separation procedure for Sr, Nd and Pb isotope ratio measurement in geological material using MC-ICP-MS and TIMS pub container pml 2020-04-13
binder of Tourmaline breakdown in a pelitic system: implications for boron cycling through subduction zones pub container pml 2020-04-14
binder of Concentration of meteoritic free organic matter by fluid transport and adsorption pub container 2020-04-02
binder of Sm-Nd and Lu-Hf Isotope Geochemistry of the Himalayan High- and Ultrahigh- Pressure Eclogites, Kaghan Valley, Pakistan pub container Pakistan Himalaya 2020-05-14
binder of Inherited Pb isotopic records in olivine antecryst-hosted melt inclusions from Hawaiian lavas pub container Hawaii 2020-05-14
binder of Chromium isotope systematic of achondrites: Chronology and isotopic heterogeneity of the inner solar system bodies pub container meteorite 2020-05-14
binder of Tourmaline in a Mesoarchean pelagic hydrothermal system: Implications for the habitat of early life pub container 2020-04-02
Cameroon-11 (Belay, 2019) pub container Cameroon 2020-05-26
Hawaii Tanaka (powder) pub container pml 2020-12-22
Various Ages of Recycled Material in the Source of Cenozoic Basalts in Southeast China: Implications for the Role of the Hainan Plume pub container China 2020-08-18
mnt-ol-mw-Liso-1 pub mount ref 2016-02-13
National Museum of Nature and Science, Japan pub institute ipm 2014-01-28