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binder of Geochemical Evolution of Koolau Volcano, Hawaii pub container pml 2019-05-16
binder of Boron isotopic constraints on the source of Hawaiian shield lavas pub container pml 2019-05-16
binder of Hawaiian double volcanic chain triggered by an episodic involvement of recycled material: Constraints from temporal Sr–Nd–Hf–Pb isotopic trend of the Loa-type volcanoes pub container pml 2019-05-16
binder of Determination of fluorine and chlorine by pyrohydrolysis and ion chromatography: comparison with alkaline fusion and ion chromatography pub container pml 2019-05-15
binder of Rb-Sr isotope systematics in a phlogopite-bearing spinel lherzolite and its implications for age and origin of metasomatism in the Horoman peridotite compltex, Hokkaido, Japan by Yoshikawa, M. et al. (1993) pub container pml 2019-04-26
Horoman Sanjeewa 2008 pub container Horoman 2019-03-29
binder of Hypervelocity collision and water-rock interaction in space preserved in the Chelyabinsk ordinary chondrite pub container pml 2019-03-12
Image 2011 03 31 09.21.00  0000 thumb bench 1280 pub 1270 shelf pml 2019-03-06
Ref gl nists thumb ref-gl-nist-series pub shelf for LA-ICP-QMS mount pml 2019-02-20
binder of Space environment of an asteroid preserved on micrograins returned by the Hayabusa spacecraft by Nakamura et al., 2012 pub container pml 2019-01-15
1e10f7d0 thumb Horoman box 1 pub bench 5f container Horoman 2019-01-10
16915820 thumb A box for EPMA pub bench 5f container pml 2018-12-19
TOTA Starting material for olivine experiment pub DREAM 3000 container pml 2018-12-14
binder of Circa 1 Ga sub-seafloor hydrothermal alteration imprinted on the Horoman peridotite massif by L.V.Ranaweera et al., 2018 pub container pml 2018-11-28
NIST glass pub bench 5f container ref 2018-11-07
binder of Determination of abundances of 52 elements in natural waters by ICP-MS with freeze-drying pre-concentration by Q.D.Hoang et al. (2018) pub container pml 2018-11-01
binder of Trace element and isotopic geochemistry of Cretaceous magmatism in NE Asia: Spatial zonation, temporal evolution, and tectonic controls by Tikhomirov et al., 2016 pub container pml 2018-10-30
binder of Late Mesozoic silicic magmatism of the North Chukotka area (NE Russia): Age, magma sources, and geodynamic implications by Tikhomirov et al., 2008 pub container pml 2018-10-30
Hot spring 23 pub container pml 2018-10-16
Horoman 2000i pub 4 container Horoman 2018-09-20
Horoman 2000n pub 6 container Horoman 2018-09-20
Hawaii Ryoji 1 pub 6 container pml 2018-09-20
Petr 1 pub 6 container pml 2018-09-20
Tixhr 1785947488 thumb Petr 2 pub 6 container pml 2018-09-20
Petr 3 pub 6 container pml 2018-09-20