ys_opx_OK10VMa@12 < 20190227122137-937096 > pub
  • technique: SIMS
  • device: SIMS Cameca ims-5f
  • operator: Shimaki
  • modified at 2019-02-27
  • stone: TS OK10VM-a
  • references:
    • DREAM (2019) Summary of the Chelyabinsk project (Nakamura et al., 2019), DREAM Digital Document, 19, 20190326083025-844154. more
measured value uncertainty unit description
[Li] 3.54e-07 g/g
[Sr] 1.87e-05 g/g
[Y] 1.79e-06 g/g
[Zr] 1.17e-05 g/g
[Nb] 4.21e-07 g/g
[Ba] 7.36e-06 g/g
[La] 1.39e-07 g/g
[Ce] 3.41e-07 g/g
[Pr] 5.19e-08 g/g
[Nd] 3.29e-07 g/g
[Sm] 1.13e-07 g/g
[Eu] 9.81e-08 g/g
[Gd] 1.58e-07 g/g
[Dy] 3.04e-07 g/g
[Er] 2.06e-07 g/g
[Yb] 3.25e-07 g/g
[Lu] 6.79e-08 g/g
[Hf] 3.25e-07 g/g
[Si] 0.55 g/g
name global-id
Summary of the Chelyabinsk project (Nakamura et al., 2019) pub 20190326083025-844154
name spots global-id